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Mattress Chiron with hypoallergenic topper Avantgarde


Mattress Chiron: A poetic taste excellence. A place in the sky, between the brightness of stars and the darkness of night, where dreams come to life. Oneiric. A body shell permeated by...

Length: 190cm

  • 190cm
  • 195cm
  • 200cm

Width: 80cm

  • 80cm
  • 90cm
  • 120cm
  • 140cm
  • 160cm
  • 170cm
  • 180cm
  • 200cm
Production time 30 calendar days


Mattress Chiron:

A poetic taste excellence. A place in the sky, between the brightness of stars and the darkness of night, where dreams come to life. Oneiric.

A body shell permeated by sophistication and exclusivity which finds its best form in Supermicro 3000 spring’s superlative support, coupled with the ultimate comfort and gentle support of the hi-tech viscoelastic polyurethane Gaia® and high breathability Dryfeel® medium.

  • 140 mm Supermicro 3000 pocket spring
  • 7 weight-bearing zones supporting capacity
  • Spring count: 1100 springs per sqm
  • Contoured, high density, polyurethane foam perimetral structure
  • 10 mm Dryfeel® high breathability polyurethane upper and lower medium
  • 40 mm Gaia® viscoelastic foam upper and lower layers
  • Height of mattress: 300 mm
  • Height of topper: 70 mm

Manufactory: The Sleeping Company. Made in Italy.


Hypoallergenic topper Avantgarde:

One of the most technologically advanced padding available today: Celliant™ performs an invigorating and revitalizing action thanks to its mix of thermo-reactive minerals that transform heat into infrared energy.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Removable and washable by hand or dry
  • 80% PL – 20% VI, with anti-pilling treatment, Aloe Vera, Silver Clean
  • Diamond white bands with high breathability Airnet inserts
  • Main padding Celliant™ with hypoallergenic support
  • Hypoallergenic support padding
  • Lining in cotton
  • Inner cushion in highly breathable, extra-soft feel Breeze® H40 mm 
  • Skidproof lining
  • Height 70mm

Manufactory: The Sleeping Company. Made in Italy.


More about Cotton Pocket:

The independent spring was the real revolution in bedding, and years later it has not yet finished surprising.

New support systems, more and more advanced and sophisticated, are made with differentiated bearing areas making the entire structure considerably more precise to the stresses of the body and the weights on the surface.

The bearing diagrams, and therefore the possibilities of use, are further extended thanks to the use of different heights, sizes and strengths of the individual springs, to respond in an increasingly specific and ergonomic way to compression.


More about Gaia:

A name with ancient origins and illustrious fatherhood that the English scholar James Lovelock chose in the late 1960s to define his interpretation of the Earth as a living system, which breathes and evolves: Gaia, the goddess of Earth in mythology Greek.

Gaia® is composed of water, raw materials derived from renewable sources such as soy, whose fatty acids intervene in the regeneration and water balance of the skin, and a mix of essential oils – extracts from medicinal herbs such as chamomile, cypress, lavender, sage officinale, neroli etc. – which, as in cosmetics, take care of the skin, give energy and shine and are beneficial for the body and spirit, representing the ideal natural adjuvant to improve the quality of rest.


More about Celliant™:

Celliant™ technology is a proprietary blend of naturally occurring minerals and
elements, sustainably and ethically sourced, that are embedded into fabric or applied as a coating to textiles. 

Celliant™ helps body rejuvenate and recover while sleep by absorbing body heat and converting it into infrared energy which promotes local circulation and cellular oxygenation. This gives longer, more comfortable, better rest, resulting in improved sleep quality. Celliant-powered mattresses, bedding and sleepwear are scientifically tested to give not only more, but better sleep.


More about Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera extract contains over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds.

Scientific studies have shown that, when applied as a treatment in bedding, Aloe Vera has a positive balancing and general well-being effect on our sleep.

The perfect combination of natural softness, antibacterial and eco-sustainable properties make Aloe Vera an excellent natural treatment.


More about Silver Clean:

Silver Clean has a safe bacteriostatic effect against a large number of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, including MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), as well as some yeasts and micro-fungi.

The high-tech functionality of Silver Clean effectively reduces the formation of bad odors caused by bacteria.

It acts on the bacterial cell membrane, inhibits the functioning of the microorganism and interrupts the food chain of dust mites, making the tissue more hygienic and antiseptic.

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190cm, 195cm, 200cm


80cm, 90cm, 120cm, 140cm, 160cm, 170cm, 180cm, 200cm



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